Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evelyn's 1st Race!

In July Evelyn and I participated in the 4th of July races, she doing the kids race and and I doing the 5k. It was so fun to watch her run her first, she did awesome and had so much fun doing it. It was hard for her not to smile and giggle the whole time. I had fun running the 5k while pushing the two girls in the running stroller. I was proud of myself for coming in 3rd place for my division at a time of 23minutes.

Evelyn was so proud to receive her medal!
Kyle left to go to Tulsa for his grandfathers funeral which was hard but I am so glad we had just recently been out there to see him and give the girls a chance to see their great grandpa. While there he and his brothers couldn't help but plank.

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