Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Week till Vacation!!!

Yeah, in exactly one week I will be flying to sunny California to spend the weekend with my family. I am really looking forward to a little get-a-way and to take time out of the cold. All my cousins will be in town since we will be celebrating my grandma's 90th birthday, so it will be fun to see all of them. I have planned to take a full suitcase of stuff to leave at my parents house so then I can bring more stuff when I go back again in April. I really don't know how I will get everything back to Michigan at the end of the summer. I have realized I only have a few more Sundays with my primary kids and I am really going to miss them. They definitely keep Kyle and I entertained during church, and I will really miss all their crazy, not sure if they're true, stories. I am looking forward to this semester coming to a close cause this research and writing class Kyle has been taking is one big headache. It has been fun though with all these girls expecting and having baby showers cause I love shopping for baby clothes. They are just too cute and I love watching the girls open their gifts and get so excited. Like I've said before I just have to try and contain myself when I walk into Babies r Us and not go totally crazy.


Janee said...

We'll miss you! Hopefully you guys will be back before we leave so we can see your precious baby!

Blake and Brittany said...

hey nats it will be so fun! And I am excited for you to open up all your gifts! Love ya!

McGinnis Family said...

I'm so jealous you will be in the sun! Will you get some extra sun in my behalf? Have a blast and we'll see you soon!