Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Fun!

We have had a lot of fun this past week, starting with pool day playgroup, then heading to the beach for beach day playgroup and then best of all seeing my little brother get married. My kids seem to like the pool and beach as much as I do which makes it so nice and so much more fun to take them.
Ellouise was chillin the whole time and was enjoying watching all the other kids play around.

Chloe and Evelyn have so much fun together, they love to run in the sand, try to catch the kites and make sandcastles together.
Slight moment of contention, still learning the whole sharing thing.

Once we hit the beach cousin Zach is in the water the entire time no matter how cold the water is.
Best of all the girls love to play salon and do each others hair, cause you always got to be lookin good!
On Friday my little brother Dylan and Jen were sealed for eternity together. It was a beautiful sealing and a wonderful day. It was so awesome to see them both so happy and truly in love. The day was perfect in L.A. and the reception turned out great with delicious food, cake and dancing.
The kids were anxiously awaiting their entrance.
Such the poser.
Loving sisters.
Best friends and cousins.
The beautiful ladies.

The handsome men.
We just all wanted to see how many they can handle.
Oh what a fun week and fun family time with friends and cousins.


Melanie said...

Cute pictures of your cute girls! You look great too Nat. I love the picture of the newlyweds with all those kids. Hilarious! Congrats to Dylan and Cody too!

Unknown said...

Love all your pictures of wedding and beach!! You take such great pictures and they bring back wonderful fun memories. Love, Mom