Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Go Dodgers!

A couple of weeks ago we all went to a Dodgers game and had a lot of fun. We weren't sure how Evelyn would do the whole time, having to stay in her seat and being out so late, but she enjoyed it to the max. She loved cracking open the peanuts and then throwing them all on the ground and at times sucking the salt off the shell then spitting it out. She loved eating her Dodger dog, drinking soda and eating candy. It was definitely nice to hang out with Kyle for the evening since we don't see much of him these days due to his intense bar studying. We are continuing to have a fun summer and enjoying being back with family.
Here's Evelyn is showing her peanuts.
We had awesome seats, right at home plate.
Evelyn intently watching the game.
She loved being on daddy's shoulders while we sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
It was a fun night, and more fun family time.


TheKeilShpeel said...

so fun!

Aubreydoll said...

That's so nice that you were able to go out and do something together! I'm sure it's been hard with Kyle being MIA for so long with law school and now the bar!