Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy May!

Well by the lack of my blogging all I can say is that it has been a crazy one. It's been filled with a lot of fun activities like Mother's Day, Evelyn's birthday and Kyle's graduation. Mother's Day was enjoyable being able to spend time with my wonderful husband, who is extremely busy studying for the bar, and spending time with the little one that allows me to celebrate mother's day, thanks Evelyn.
I can't believe it, but on the 18th we celebrated Evelyn's 2nd birthday. Things about Evelyn; she is so cute and so much fun, she is full of personality and is extremely independent, she makes me smile everyday, she loves to talk no matter if we can or can't understand what she is saying, loves to go on runs with mom, and likes to be styling with her shades no matter the time of day. Here she is with her new shopping cart, filled with her favorite treats, cookies and popcorn.

Grandma Patterson came home with some balloons for her, which she thought were punching bags.
Thanks Evelyn for pausing for a picture while eating your popcorn.
My cute little girl in her birthday outfit.
As you can see just days before her birthday Evelyn was running, fell flat on her face on the travertine floors and broke her front tooth. So our little 2 year old will be getting some dental work soon. The first appointment didn't go so well, they had to take her to the back room and shut the door so the rest of the kids at the dentist wouldn't hear her screaming her head off, so we'll see how the next one goes.
For her birthday we went with her cousin Chloe and Zach and rode on the ferris wheel. This face tells me she wasn't too sure about it at first.
Chloe and Evelyn having fun together.
Zach showing off how fast he could spin around.
Chloe and Aunt Rebecca.

Some more pictures of my 2 year old, oh how I love her so much!

Aunt Brittany gave her a cute little baby and stroller, which she has enjoyed pushing around and taking on walks.
Grandma Patterson gave Evelyn some fun toys and a puzzle with a stylin outfit.
Evelyn loved diving right into her chocolate chocolate cake. Yummy!

So just days after that big celebration, Kyle and I headed back to Michigan for Kyle's graduation. It was a really nice ceremony and I am so glad we were able to go. It was a very quick trip but nice to have the getaway. I am so proud of this man that I call my husband. He has put so much time and work into getting to where he is today and I can't wait to see where he will take me next, cause I know it is always an adventure with him. I love him so much and was so happy to cheer for him when he received his diploma.

It was so great to see Kyle's parents and so nice of them to make the long drive up to Michigan.
I just couldn't leave without taking a picture by Magic Johnson first, Go Lakers!

The rest of the trip we stayed in Detroit and had fun exploring and acting like tourists. It was a busy month, but a fun one. And I just can't finish the post before putting another picture of my cute girl dressed up and ready for church. This is one of the beautiful dresses her Grandma K sent her for her birthday, she loves getting those special packages in the mail. Thanks Grandma K, Evelyn always knows when she's dressed up and loves to get her picture taken.


Rylie said...

Poor Evelyn! Dental work at 2. :( I am so glad we were able to see you when Kyle graduated. Such a huge accomplishment for him, we are so proud. We miss you guys like crazy!! Things have been nuts since you left! I am thinking we need to come out for a vacay soon! Love you!

McGinnis Family said...

Evelyn is such a BEAUTIFUL girl!!! Her eyes are gorgeous and I love her curls! Lucky girl!

You did have quite the month but, a fun one for sure! Congrats on Law School being over with! That's a huge thing and we're happy for you guys!

TheKeilShpeel said...

Happy Birthday girl.. She really is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen.

Marianne & Clayton said...

She is so stinking cute! Even with a new little (temporary) gap in her teeth. And I am loving her denim romper. What a doll!