Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Full and Fun Halloween!

So we had a very fun and full Halloween with lots of activities to keep us busy. This Halloween Evelyn was a very cute Cowgirl. With the costume she had a darling dress, cute chaps to wear, a pink cowgirl hat and some oh so cute pink boots to wear that I bought for her. Well as you can see in the following picture she wanted NOTHING to do with the chaps, hat or boots, I mean don't even bring them close to her or she will literally have a meltdown. But I have to say she looked cute anyway. Also forget about getting a cute posed, set up picture. This girl has no time for anybody so if she looks you better click that camera.

Wednesday we headed downtown for the Halloween activity #1. It was a lot of fun. Evelyn loved running around, seeing all the costumes and eating candy. She couldn't quite figure out this tall guy. The free pumpkin donuts and cider were also very delicious and worth eating.
Evelyn and daddy posing as firefighters.
Thursday was activities #2, 3 and 4. Thursday morning was Halloween themed playgroup. It was great to see all the little kids from the ward dressed up. We ate yummy treats, played a fun bingo game, listened to some Halloween stories and ran around in circles in the gym. We headed home for a long nap and then got dressed again and headed to the outdoor mall for some more fun and candy. Evelyn had a great time once again running around, dancing to the music playing and hanging with her friend Bauer. Later we painted one of our pumpkins and Evelyn sure had fun with the paintbrush.

Friday we took a little break from Halloween, but Kyle and I got to get away and go see Michael Jackson. It was awesome, Michael Jackson really is such a genius when it comes to music and performance. I highly recommend all to see it. Saturday night was the best and Halloween activity #5. We headed over to the Boardmans for a fun Halloween party. There was a lot of delicious food and awesome costumes by everyone. My personal favorites were the Boardmans dressed as the Berenstain Bears and the Martins as the Pillsbury dough boy and girl. We played fun games and enjoyed visiting with all our friends. It was a late night but great memories.

Evelyn found some sunglasses she just couldn't resist putting on.

This is the only pose I could get of Evelyn by the finished project of the painted pumpkin.
And here are the infamous boots I really wanted Evelyn to wear, but don't they just look horrifying I mean why would you not have a meltdown to put these things on. Guess they'll be heading back to the store.
Well it was a fun week and now we will just be trying to get off our sugar high for the next few days.


TheKeilShpeel said...

what a fun halloween

Rebecca said...

wow, how cute! Evelyn is looking so grown up i cant believe it.Britt showed me how to save your blog as a favorite website, so i can always chek your fun pictures!!! we love you
rebecca and chloe (she loved seeing Evelyn) she started crying when she saw the pink boots.

Anonymous said...

awwwww evelyn looks sooooo adorable.... i loved ur costume 2 haha i want to barrow it for next year :) love u!!!

ann said...

Loved the all looked darling.. How did Kyle get that mustache to stick on so really looked real!! And I loved your hair. It has grown so much and looks a little lighter!! And Evie is just darling as always. Glad you have been having such a good time. Love, Mom

Brittany Webster said...

Evelyn is sooo cute! I love the costumes! Looks like you have had fun! We miss you!

Aubreydoll said...

Those boots are so cute!! It's really a shame that she wouldn't even tolerate them being in the same room as her!

Janee said...

What a cute cowgirl! Evelyn is getting so big it's unbelievable! LOVE the boots too! Too bad you have to take them back :)

Melanie said...

Nice job on the pumpkin. And Evelyn looks so cute.

Dave, Katie, Kameron said...

She is so stinkin cute!! Bummer she wouldn't wear the boots. You guys looked so good, loved the costumes!

Rylie said...

Wasn't Halloween awesome?! I just find it so funny that she is so afraid of those boots! She still looked so dang cute. I also think that you are the only person who can pull off the superman costume, There is no way I could pull it. I hope you guys are having fun!!