Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Full Weekend

It was another fun and full weekend. Saturday I had Alyson's baby shower at my house and that was so fun. A lot of girls came and Alyson opened up some really cute baby girl outfits, it really got me anxious for my own little girl. I just can't wait for her to come. It is always fun to have the girls over and eat yummy food. After putting my feet up for a while Kyle came home from studying religiously at the library and we went out. We had good tasting food from Johnny Rockets and then went and watched the movie, Bucket List. It was actually pretty good.
I love Sundays because I get to sleep in and take my time getting dressed for church. It was another fun filled day teaching our primary class, they are definitely full of energy each week. Sunday night like many others we had a large group of people over for a Superbowl party. We had a good time and once again enjoyed eating not so healthy but delicious snacks. I am glad to see through other blogs that so many others had fun parties as well. It is fun to get together with good friends. Check you all later!


McGinnis Family said...

The shower was such a blast!!!! You always have the best parties!

Taylor Family said...

You were so awesome to throw that shower for Alyson it was a blast. You are a doll.

Janee said...

I had such a fun time at Alyson's shower - thanks for throwing it!