Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Awesome Christmas Vacation!

Well it's been quite the past few weeks, Kyle and I have been very busy traveling coast to coast. We started our Christmas with a trip for just the two of us in Park City, Utah. It was so pretty and fun. Our hotel was right on the side of the mountains and it was so amazingly pretty. I love being up in the mountains with the fresh air. On Friday Kyle went snowboarding with my brother and sister while I went and got a wonderful mommy-to-be massage. I really wish I could have been out on the snow but I couldn't take that risk. The next day we did some good shopping and eating and then it was off to Los Angeles, CA, finally!
It was so nice and felt so good to be back in California. I really do miss that place, who wouldn't miss perfect weather, awesome food, good shopping and the beach. My family is great and I love visiting with them whenever I get the chance. Christmas morning was fun being together and opening gifts.

After Christmas the girls went out and had a pampering day getting our nails and toes done.

Well unfortunately we had to leave California but we were excited to now fly back to Georgia and visit with Kyle's family. They are all really fun and we always have a good time hanging out. It was also fun since we got to open up more Christmas gifts. New Year's was fun we went to a movie and watched Juno and then went to Kyle's sister's house, watched the ball drop and then watched a dare devil jump the length of a football field on his motorbike. Well now we are back in lovely Michigan with our lovely friends who we did miss hangin out with.


Alyson said...

We really did miss you guys! Sounds like you had an awesome vacation!

Chris and Rylie said...

It looks like you guys has a blast!

Melanie said...

the mommy to be massage sounds awesome. I'd choose that over snowboarding any day.