Thursday, January 24, 2013

Class Party!

Evelyn finished her first semester of Pre-K and has been loving it and doing so well. Though it's everyday form 8:00 till 2:30, she has been enjoying it and learning so much. Here is her first ever school picture.
 At the Koester's Christmas party we came home with this lovely Christmas sweater after the gift exchange and figured I would just toss it out, but Evelyn absolutely loved it and insisted on wearing it to school. She can make anything look cute.
Before Christmas break Evelyn's school had their Pajama Day/Christmas Party. Here she is with one of her good friends Rachel.
 Her teachers Mrs. V and Ms. Hirsch. They are great with Evelyn and she has really enjoyed having them as her teachers.
 Ellouise was so excited she got to join in on the party and be just one of the kids.

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