Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Diego Vacation!

This past week was great, we went to San Diego and stayed a week at my parent's beach house. This is really one of my favorite vacations, since the house is literally on the beach so I can be out on the sand all day. It is just so relaxing and enjoyable, San Diego really has the best weather.
Evelyn enjoyed being out on the beach just as much as I did watching the waves and the surfers go by.

At the end of the boardwalk there a fun little place with food, stores and rides. I got to ride the roller coaster which is my favorite and then we of course got yummy snowcones. The cousins had a fun time together and of course we had to get pictures of the two of them.

Kyle made Evelyn a little bed in the drawer of the dresser. She absolutely loved it and slept so well . The dresser is built into the wall so no worries of it falling over. It was an awesome vacation, with a lot of beach time, swimming in the ocean, eating lots of good food. Kyle and I were able to make it out one night and go to a restaurant where you cook your own meat on the grill which was kind of fun and finish it off with some ice cream from Ghiradellis chocolate and ice cream parlor.


Aubreydoll said...

Oh my gosh, that little "dresser bed" is so funny! What a great idea!

Chris and Rylie said...

San Diego is awesome! That beach house looks amazing!

Alyson said...

Hey, feel free to invite me to tag along anytime! j/k

I LOVE that little girl! So sad that I won't get to meet her. She is just so dang cute! Love the bed Kyle made for her!

Miss you guys!

Mark Christie Family said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! You baby is adorable and such a cute smile!! I am jealous about you going to the beach and laughed about the drawer bed. Such a great idea!

Melanie said...

Natalie, I'm so sad I didn't get to see you while I was in CA last week. I so wanted to see you and meet you're beautiful girl (and show off mine :)). I can't believe how crazy "vacation" gets when you have three kids! The San Diego trip sounds awesome.

Katie said...

Looks like a ton of fun! What a great idea to make a bed out of a dresser drawer.