Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yeah it's almost Friday!

I am so excited to have my mom and dad come this weekend, it will be so fun to have some guests. There was a little scare with my mom that still isn't completely taken care of but the good news is that the doctor said she is okay to fly. I just hope the long day of traveling doesn't totally wear her out. But knowing her she would never show it. My parents will be at church on Sunday so you'll all have to be around so I can introduce all my friends. I am so glad the weather has been actually quite nice this week so I can continue my jogs in the morning. Yesterday I went out with the Taylors and took their family pictures. It was a lot of fun and the leaves were so pretty. Their kids were so easy to work with and knew exactly what to do in front of a camera.

I have been watching the news a lot this week following the fires since they are so close to my family. My brother and his family had to evacuate their home for about a day and half. They said the fires were so close to their house, luckily the wind was blowing away from their home so their house was saved. My uncle and aunt and cousins had to leave their homes for a few days down in San Diego. I'm still not sure if my cousin is back in her home. Every year it seems L.A. county gets hit with fires I just wonder if there is someway they can prevent it rather than waiting for it to come. I am also excited to get dressed up this Friday for the party I love putting on costumes, and I definetely can't wait to hear the band play.


The Pousson Family said...

My brother lives in Long Beach and he knows a lot of people having to be evacuated, really scary! We are praying for everything to be ok...

Melanie said...

Marshall read that the fire was arson. Isn't that awful? They've made an arrest so that's good at least. So sad though that someone would cause so much distruction and tragedy on purpose.

It's good to hear that your still doing photography. A friend of ours who's a photographer took our pictures last week and of course our kids have no idea what to do in front of the camera.