Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh the Cutest Kids Ever!

Well I just love showing off my cute nieces and nephews, I love them all so much. I just have to have some pictures of them on my post so all can see what I am talking about. There's Gracie, Olivia, Ricky, Juliet, and Zach. I just can't wait to have one of my own. So far I am doing really great. I haven't felt one bit of sickness and hope that it continues to be that way. Kyle and I are just trying to slowly organize our house right now for when the time comes to move, in just about 2 weeks, I am so excited.

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Marshall and Melanie said...

Wow, those are cute kids. I can't believe you're having a baby. That's so awesome and you're not even sick! Hopefully that lasts. My morning sickness isn't too terrible. I just get averted to every food I like, so I feel like I'm going hungry or I just hate eating.